Oglebay Institute’s Schrader Nature Center Launches #RecreateOglebay


Who says you have to choose between being outside and using technology?

Oglebay Institute will offer Wheeling residents and visitors the chance to do something a little different this summer and fall.

Starting Friday, May 15, 2015, Oglebay Institute will post a picture each week that was hand selected from their archive of almost a century’s worth of catalogued photographs to be posted onto their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in Recreate Oglebay by getting their friends together and recapturing the look and feel of the photographs to the best of their ability and tagging them with the hashtag “#RecreateOglebay”. Each week, the best photo will be selected and featured both on the social media platforms as well as at Oglebay Institute’s Schrader Nature Center.

Alice Eastman, Director at the Schrader Environmental Education Center said it is time to begin showing people ways to integrate technology into their enjoyment of the outdoors.

“Oglebay Institute has always tried to be a bellwether of creative programming that encourages people to get out and explore the world around them using the most current and innovative tools at their disposal. I see this as just the latest way that we’re doing that.”

Wheeling has shown how much it loves to use Instagram and Facebook to create beautiful pictures of the city and the surrounding areas. There are groups like Wheeling Shooters who are organizing entire days around capturing Wheeling’s beauty and architecture. We want to offer both the community and park guests the opportunity to do the same for this amazing outdoor resource we have been gifted. By offering these really cool photos from the history of OI and the park, it adds just another really layer to the creative process – a little bit of adventure that will hopefully encourage everyone to get out and rediscover the park in its entirety.”

Here’s what you do:

  1. Log onto Instagram and follow “oinature” as well as the Facebook page for Oglebay Institute.
  2. Check back every Friday for the next photo to be released. Winners for the previous week will be chosen and posted on Friday as well.
  3. Search and follow the #RecreateOglebay and #whatsYOURnature hashtags to see all of the amazing photos that are posted each week.
  4. Challenge your friends and family to get out and enjoy their summer by helping to recreate and remember some of the moments captured throughout the history of the park and Oglebay Institute.

About Oglebay Institute

Formed in 1930 and recognized as the oldest arts council in the nation, the multi-faceted, nonprofit Oglebay Institute serves as the cultural hub of Wheeling, presenting hundreds of programs each year in the visual and performing arts, nature and history. OI operates six facilities --The Mansion and Glass Museums, Stifel Fine Arts Center,Towngate Theatre & Cinema, Schrader Environmental Education Center and the School of Dance—and annually serves more than 100,000 patrons of all ages.

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